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Located on the city of Lisbon, ON/SET Alfama gets inspired by one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city. With its Lisbon Cinema Apartments, it seeks to tell the unique stories from the great films of the golden age in Portuguese Cinema, set between the 40s and 50s of the 20th century.
Walking through Alfama, you will discover a neighborhood dedicated from the beginning to the diversity of cultures, habits and customs, the secrets and sounds of a neighborhood that was always outside the castle walls.
Discover steep and narrow streets, radiant sidewalks, full of color and tradition. From the smallest doors to the clothes hanging from the windows, from the tiles of the facades to the irregular pavement, Alfama has its own identity that will make any visitor fall in love.
The little cafés filled with people seeking to drink a cup of coffee, the Tagus river in the background, the buzzing of Lisbon, a city that never sleeps. Make a stop for a glass of wine and delight yourself with the beauty of the twilight. These are just a few experiences you can find in Alfama.
Vintage and contemporary meet in perfect harmony, as if in a film. It was on this stage that ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments debuted. A local accommodation where each studio seeks to share, in its decoration and experience, the great films that made a mark in the memory of the Portuguese people and Lisbon-born in particular.
The festivities, the marches and the Fado singers, the moments and the iconic personalities of the Portuguese universe that work as the meeting point between reality and fiction today, were the starting point.
For all these reasons, the Lisbon Cinema Apartments studios are more than just a place to live. Spaces with story and personality, where everyone can be the main character of their own story.
Be the actor in this perfect set.
Make your own story in Alfama.
IMPORTANT: Compulsory contact to hotel to get check-in/check-out instructions.

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